Isaiah Taylor

Isaiah TaylorPh.D. Student

305 Tucker Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-3583

Research Experience and Education
B.S., 2009, University of Missouri

Research Interests
I am studying mechanisms of plant receptor-like kinase activation, regulation, and signaling using novel in vitro kinase assays, as well as forward and reverse genetics.

Select Publications

Taylor, I., Wang, Y., Seitz, K., Baer, J., Bennewitz, S., Mooney, B.P., Walker, J.C. 2016. Analysis of phosphorylation of the receptor-like protein kinase HAESA during Arabidopsis floral abscission. PLoS ONE, 11(1):e0147203. PubMed Link

Taylor, I., K. Seitz, S. Bennewitz and J.C. Walker 2013. A simple in vitro method to measure autophosphorylation of protein kinases. Plant Methods, 9:2
PubMed Link

Valdivia, E.R, Chevalier, D., Sampedro, J., Taylor, I., Niederhuth, C.E., Walker, J.C. 2011 DVL genes play a role in the coordination of socket cell recruitment and differentiation. J Exp Bot, 63:1405-1412. PubMed Link